• I support strengthening family-owned farms. 

  • I support a national bioethanol standard that would increase demand for corn and provide jobs to the district. 

  • I support an improved infrastructure to help farmers move products. 

  • I support the ”right to fix” legislation farmers need in order to fix their own equipment. 

  • I support food labeling that informs consumers where their food comes from.

  • I support policies that incentivize and promote biodiversity, soil health, and clean water.

  • I support increasing low-interest loans for farmers through the Rural Finance Authority.

Criminal Justice

  • End Cannabis Prohibition- Marijuana laws are disproportionately enforced upon underrepresented communities. These laws break up families and force otherwise law-abiding citizens into our criminal justice system. States that have legalized cannabis have lower teenage use.  Currently, patients who benefit from medical cannabis struggle to get access due to high cost and lack of dispensaries.

  • We need to end the war on drugs and treat addiction as a public health issue not a criminal problem.

  • We need to end the cash bail system.

  • We need to prohibit for-profit private prisons.

  • I support mandatory proximity requirements so that officers serve in the communities in which they live.

  • I support civilian oversight. 

  • I support ending Warrior Policing and demilitarizing police forces.


Economic Justice

  • All workers deserve paid family and sick leave to care for family members and themselves.

  • During this pandemic, we have seen that some of our lowest-paid workers are among our most essential. All workers deserve a living wage of at least $15 to support themselves and their families. 

  • Strong unions built the middle class by ensuring fair wages, safe working conditions, and better benefits. I strongly oppose any efforts to weaken their financial and bargaining integrity.

  • Women deserve equal pay for equal work.  



  • We must fully fund pre-K through high school.

  • I support lowering class sizes. 

  • I support the free breakfast program. 

  • I support an increase to Pell Grants, grant programs,  and other supports that enable students to attend college regardless of students’ financial situation, ultimately working toward tuition-free college. 



  • I support overturning “Citizens United” and getting dark money out of politics.

  • I support making Election Day a national holiday.

  • I support automatic voter registration.

  • I support restoring voting rights immediately after a prison or jail sentence is served.

  • I support putting an end to partisan gerrymandering. 

  • I support Ranked Choice Voting.

  • I support same-day registration, early voting, absentee voting, mail-in voting, and every effort to ensure that the right to vote is protected.


  • We need to divest from fossil fuels.

  • We need to promote solar, wind, and other renewable energy.

  • We need to promote a national standard of bioethanol.

  • I support the carbon tax.


  • We must transition from fossil fuels to renewable and sustainable sources such as wind, solar, geothermal, and biofuel.

  • Bees and other pollinators are subject to disease, habitat loss, pesticides, and lack of nutrition. We support local initiatives to increase pollinator habitat and restrict harmful pesticides. 

  • I will work to keep our water and air clean, by opposing harmful pipelines and mines that do not have a clear record of environmental stewardship.

  • Minnesota must plan to be more resilient to extreme weather by improving infrastructure and watersheds.

  • Advancements in green technology will create sorely needed new and well-paying jobs.


  • I support expanding Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

  • I support Planned Parenthood and improved access to reproductive health, STI testing, and contraceptives. 

  • I am Pro-Choice.

  • I support Single-Payer health insurance as the best way to guarantee all Americans the right to healthcare.

  • We need to ensure that rural residents have access to full-service hospitals and clinics and access to affordable mental health services.

  • I support all public health services that help new families grow and allow seniors to age at home with dignity.

  • We must lower prescription drug prices.

Human Rights

  • LGBTQ rights are human rights. I support comprehensive sex education that is factual, age-appropriate, and available to everyone.

  • I support amending the Minnesota Bill of Rights to include transgender persons.

  • We must ban Conversion Therapy statewide.


  • I support a path to citizenship for refugees displaced by war, asylum-seekers fleeing persecution, and immigrants wanting a better life.

  • I support a path to citizenship for DACA recipients. 

  • I take personal offense to the demonization of immigrants from Latin America.

  • I oppose the unlawful detention of immigrants without due process and the policy of separating families. 


  • I will advocate for bike paths and pedestrian accessibility throughout southern Minnesota. This district is blessed with an abundance of beautiful lakes and parks and we need to embrace our resources without disturbing them. Bicycle and walking paths provide a carbon-neutral, inexpensive way to make our communities more attractive to new businesses and families. 

  • I support the current bonding bill that would invest in roads, highways, bridges, and support our receiving our fair share of local government aid.

  • I will advocate for District 27A so that it receives its fair share of Local Government Aid (LGA) which aids us in providing necessary services and opportunities for development.

Public Safety

  • I support “red flag laws” to get guns out the hands of people who are a threat to themselves and others.

  • I support limiting clip sizes.

  • I support manufacturers’ accountability laws.

  • I support closing gun show loopholes.

  • I support the right of all hunters to own guns and hunt.  This is part of our Freeborn County heritage, one that my family and friends enjoy and cherish. I will oppose restrictions on this right.


  • I support a progressive tax system that makes corporations pay their fair share.

  • I support a “Capital Gains”, Wall Street speculation, and corporate income tax.

  • I support ending Tax Inversion schemes and off-shore tax havens that suck money out of the country.



  • Investments in broadband internet are essential to the development of rural communities. I will work to ensure that all of District 27A has reliable access to broadband services.

  • I support data protection.

  • I support antitrust laws.


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